Mean Girls-already at 5!

I have a 5-year old daughter who is very sensitive and outgoing. She has a friend who she has known since she was two years old. In the last year, this girl has started to be really mean to my daughter, to the point where my daughter comes home crying. Some of the things the girl says are downright mean, especially when a third girl enters the scene. The friend will say to my daughter, “you’re not my friend anymore, I don’t like you” and turn her back on my daughter or tease her with the help of the third person if there is one.

I never thought this kind of behavior would happen at such a young age but it has. I try to console my daughter night after night by explaining to her that she has many other friends and maybe this one girl just wanted to have some other friends too. Luckily she’s got thick skin and is happy with her family and her other friends, but what do you say to your kids when they are being bullied or mocked?

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