Mustard Stains

Hi Cleaning Lady,

Help!  DH dripped mustard (a lot) on the carpet and tried to clean it up without telling me.  That was 2 days ago.  I found the stain yesterday evening.  I have tried Spray N Wash with Resolve and cold water.  I have tried Oxydol as well.

I’m still seeing Yellow.  Any ideas on how to get it out?



Dear Lisa,

Well, at least he tried to clean it up! The problem with mustard, and I assume you are talking about yellow mustard, is that it contains ingredients, like tumeric, that will stain like henna.  I have heard some people say they like Zout or other enzymatic cleaners-just make sure if you use a cleaning product, it contains no ammonia, which will help the stain set permanently.

You know me, I like a white vinegar and water combo.  This time I would add a little dish or laundry soap and spray the stain.  Leave it for a few minutes and then try to get it out. You can also sprinkle a little baking soda on it too to see if that absorbs anything.

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