Styling Tips

If you’re an “A list” celebrity no need to read any further. For everyone else who doesn’t have the luxury of having a personal hairdresser at their beck and call and intend on bravely styling their own hair, here are some simple helpful tips:

After washing your hair towel dry hair to remove excess water. What this means is less need for the hair dyer and less damage to your hair when you begin the blow-drying process.

Then apply Cutler’s protectant treatment spray before combing out your hair. De-tangle your hair by combing the ends working your way to the roots using a large-tooth comb.

When applying your styling product of choice, start with the underneath of your hair first and then comb through evenly.

To have more control, use a nozzle to direct the airflow of your blow dryer. Make sure the air is directed from the root to the ends this will reduce the amount of fly aways and static.

For maximum volume, create root lift by directing the air into the scalp while the hair is still damp. For extra fullness set your hair at the root using a small to medium round brush with attention at the roots. The bigger the round brush the straighter the result will be.

Finally, when you’ve finished your blow dry flip your hair and direct the hair through the underneath to give it that extra bouncy finish.

When applying a hair spray keep the can 6 inches away from your head so you don’t get product build up. This will also allow for even distribution. Note if you use too much hair spray it will actually weigh your hair down, so use sparingly.

So, there you have it, life can be easy with out your own personal celebrity hair dresser on speed dial… Blissful blow-drying at your finger tips!

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