How do I clean a glass shower?

Glass showers are tricky to clean because they show every bit of soap film and scum that normally would hide on a porcelin-walled shower.  You would think that using window cleaner would do the trick but it really doesn’t dig deep enough into the grimes to lift it off.  Today I tested window cleaner on one side of glass versus Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach and the Fantastik worked extremely well whereas the window cleaner did  not.

The cleaners that claim to be shower cleaners that you just leave on and walk away from have never worked for me, particularly on my glass shower.   If you have been reading my blog much, you’ll know I am a fan of white vinegar and use it for everything.  I particularly like the idea of spraying vinegar, combined with a little lemon juice or lemon oil on glass doors, because then you know you are not inhaling something toxic while cleaning an enclosed space.  It also happens to work really well.

My mother has always kept a squeegee in her shower and in fact buys me a new one every time she comes to visit.  I rarely use it but she uses hers after every shower.  This probably makes life easier in the long run, especially if your shower is a small stall.

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