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With the onset of school comes the onset of daily activities, and the onset of getting back to the routine of sitting down to dinner as a family as much as we can. This summer we often found ourselves on the go, visiting with friends and family and eating hot dogs more often than I would like. Now that the school year has started, I am determined to eat together as much as we can, and if not together, at least prepare one meal for everyone.

I have some old standbys – tacos, make your own pizza, chicken – but I get sick of them (even kids get tired of repetition – this summer my 8 year old asked what we were having for dinner and she groaned “Corn and hot dogs? Again?” Everyone likes a little variety.) As a means to fight monotony, I am going to try and cook at least 2 or 3 of Rachael’s meals each week and I’ll report on how they were received. Let me reiterate that my kids are definitely not adventurous eaters (aka picky) but we have made strides over the past year. If I’m desperate to have them try something, I just call it chicken. Could be pork, could be sausage, but to them it’s all chicken. It seems to work.

This week’s menu:

Monday:  Salmon over spinach (I also made rice)

(Overall review – thumbs up. Everyone liked the salmon, kids didn’t touch the spinach but I filled in with some grapes and orange slices. Might be the first “super food” that went over well here that didn’t come in a muffin.)

Tuesday: Sandwich night (two piano lessons and one soccer practice make this the most challenging night of the week)

Wednesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs 

(This was a hit although my six year old daughter was trying to pick the parsley out of the meatballs – I told her to stop scrutinizing and start eating. We ate in two shifts that night so I made this in the late afternoon and let it sit on the stove which worked perfectly).

Thursday: Chicken Tenders and roasted broccoli

(Another two shift dinner night. I was glad the chicken went over just as well as the kind I usually make fried in olive oil – these are baked in the oven – so much better for you. This will be my new chicken tender recipe).

What are you having for dinner this week?

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