Sliced Tuna Soft Tacos

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Dear “Cooks”,

So the other day when my mom was visiting us here in NYC, she wanted

us to make guacamole. I spent about an hour walking through the

aftermath of hurricane Hannah looking everywhere for avocados. I

couldn’t find any! However, everywhere I went I saw “Florida Avocados.”

I also see them sold on the street all over the place in my

neighborhood. They are larger, have a smooth surface and are brighter

green than regular ones I use. Could you tell me if these can be used

in guacamole or what they can be used in?


Desiree S.

Dear Desiree,

Avocados were introduced to this country through Florida, but there really isn’t an Florida type of avocado-we suspect the sign you saw just means they were grown there. Also, it sounds like you are referring to the Fuerte type of avocado which is bright green and has the smooth skin. You should treat these the same way you treat the other popular kind of avocado, the Hass. In both cases, the avocados can be used for guacamole.

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