Halloween Dog Costumes

We don’t know how any of you feel about dressing your dog for Halloween, so we thought we’d bring this matter up and hear your thoughts. It seems to make sense to put your dog in a sweater when it is cold outside, especially if they have short hair, as does Isaboo:

Now doesn’t she look so cute???

But dressing your pup for Halloween is a whole other matter. Some outfits can be sort of fun and cute and fairly simple, like bug antennae or statue of liberty crowns. But this year, the costume choices are endless, especially for the small dog. Here are just a few of the funniest ones we have found:

From :

These two little court jesters made us howl with laughter!

Now, we are huge football fans, but this poor pug looks like he is a little too covered up. If this were a Buffalo Bills uniform, then maybe we’d say it was a winner.

This has to be the absolute funniest costume we found and oh so fitting! Now what happens if you want mustard with yours???

Here’s where we get a little confused-shouldn’t there be four sneaks?


Okay this costume really made us laugh! It looks like the dog is standing like Yoda:

and lastly, from, how charming is this guy?:

Do you dress up your dog or cat for Halloween?

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