Italian Plums

Italian plums are almost like grapes – they are oval shaped and purple like a plum, but the inside is soft and less dense. You may be seeing some around in grocery stores or at farmers’ markets now, so here are some ways you can serve them.

Fleur’s Summer Plum Cake

You can use regular plums, Italian plums or cherries to make this easy cake that is absolutely delicious and keeps well for a few days in the fridge.

Antipasto Board

As pictured above, take a serving board, or a wooden cutting board and place various kinds of cheeses – some hard, some soft, some mild, some pungent. Place them side by side with salami, prosciutto and your favorite cured meats. The perfect compliment to these salty foods are Italian plums, which, when wrapped with prosciutto, are especially delicious. Serve with a sweet chutney or honey for drizzling.  

On the Grill

Grilled Stone Fruits with Balsamic Black Pepper Syrup

Deviled Chicken and Grilled Stone Fruit

It’s not too late to still use your grill for a few more weeks, so try grilling up some peaches and plums as either a dessert (serve over vanilla ice cream with a few sprigs of chopped mint on top – delish!) or an accompaniment to your main course. 

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