NYC Fashion Week Part 1

With 31 fashion shows this week it’s no wonder I have dark circles under my eyes! For the next two weeks the Cutler team will be showing you the ins and outs of NYC’s Fashion Week. While we take you behind the scenes with some of our favorite hair “highlights.”

If you’ve ever seen the show gossip girls, ghost designer Abigail Lorick put together an amazing show for this season. Truly one of the most exciting fashion shows I’ve ever worked on, with seven different scenes that set the stage for quite the fashion adventure! Inspired by an Edwardian feel to the hair, we created this look by blow-drying with Cutler’s Volumizing Spray at the roots. Then we loosely created texture in the hair with back-combing and used hairpins to secure the up-do. Finish the hair with REDKEN’s Quick Dry 18 for a firm hold.

The modern librarian inspired this scene. This simple but chic braid can be easily achieved. Just start with Cutler’s Straightening Cream, blow dry the hair straight. Then create a center part pulling the hair back into a ponytail. Now all you have to do is braid the ponytail. Roll the braid up the hair and secure with pins.

It’s time for a good old-fashioned 60’s inspired cake party! For all you traditionalists who once rocked that classic beehive, here’s yet another version with a “French twist!” Don’t attempt this at home just go and see a stylist. But, if your “do” needs to be touched up the secret is behind Cutler’s Fly Away Stick sure to polish your hive! Top it all off with a bit of REDKEN 09 Workable Spray.

James Coviello’s show was about beautiful casual elegance where we used a large curling iron to create beautiful soft waves. Take 2” sections wrapping the hair around a medium/large barreled curling iron. Enhance the waves with Cutler’s Curling Cream and finish with REDKEN Water Wax for shine.

With the second half of fashion week still to come, stay tuned!

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