Frozen meals for a sick friend

We get alot of people asking to know what meals freeze well. Recently I was confronted with this question on behalf of a friend of mine who is about to have surgery and lives alone. She’ll want to have several dinners prepared in advance and frozen so she can easily reheat them when she is recovering. This is very important for someone who needs their strength and would otherwise probably not eat as well because she would be too tired to go shopping and cook. So here are some ideas I have for meals that could freeze well for her.


Soups are number one on my list because not only do they freeze well in terms of taste, they fit in the freezer well if you use the plastic baggie method of Rachael’s. Instead of storing soup in a container, that will take up much room, store it in a Zip lock style baggie (let it cool completely before you bag the soup), zip it tight and then throw it in the freezer. It will sort of find space to fit in where it can.

Endless Summer Minestrone -You can make this now since some of the ingredients are still in season.

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I made this one today-Jerk Turkey Chili-and it was amazingly delicious and completely healthy.  I added a can of black beans too.  Rachael served it on her show with fried okra but I say you could serve it with some chips if you want to skip that step.

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My favorite is a classic Tuna Casserole which you can make a little healthier by using whole wheat penne and spinach, as Rachael does here.   Shepherd’s Pies also freeze well.

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