Dusting Tips

A feather duster or some other type of duster with a log arm will help you reach ceiling fans, light fixtures and tops of bookcases. 

Recently I tried to rotate my mattress, which you are supposed to do every so often so you don’t wind up with an uneven bed. As I was turning, I noticed an incredible amount of dust in between my mattress and the headboard and under the bed. Yuck! Needless to say, it inspired me to vacuum every area in sight, but also to write this blog about dusting in general.


If you have someone in the home with allergies, regular dusting is a must. In fact, our family doctor told us that dusting is better than vacuuming. Where vacuuming can stir up dust, dusting, especially wet dusting, will pick up the dust for better removal. This is especially important for bedrooms where people will be lying flat and breathing in whatever is circulating in the air. You can use the same technique you would for dusting tables and bookcases (lightly wet a rag with dusting product or water and wipe down the surface) for the floors if you have hardwood. Just make sure not to use water on wood as it might leave water marks or damage the wood. It’s a good idea to do the bedrooms every week. As the colder months roll in and the dry heat gets turned on, dust will only aggravate a stuffy nose.

Wash your sheets once a week. Much of dust is human cell shedding, which happens mainly as you could imagine, in the bed. Changing your sheets and shaking out the covers will help. Also, if you are in high allergy season and you want to keep your windows open for air, put a towel over the pillows so any pollen collects on the towel rather than the pillow. Then you can remove it when bed time comes.

The rest of the house

The rest of the house needs regular dusting too. Tables, chairs, bookcases, wood floors and shelves all need weekly dusting. But don’t forget the surfaces you can’t see or maybe can’t even reach, such as ceiling fans and light fixtures on the high end or under the table on the low end. You may need to reach a high spot with either a long vacuum cleaner attachment or a dusting “arm” tool that will allow you to reach above. Start with the highest area first to allow dust to fall down to the ground. You’ll pick that dust up when you descend the room. When you have finished dusting, you can vacuum the room for a grand finale.

If you have air conditioners and are using them, make sure they are kept clean. Not only will this enhance the performance of the machine, it will ensure clean air is coming into the room.

The car

An overlooked area of your life that needs regular dusting is the inside of your car. Take a wet rag or a rag with a little dusting oil and polish the interior of your car-your dashboard, the middle consoles, the seats. You will be amazed at how much dust is lurking there and how beautiful your car will look with a little clean up action. Plus, if you use a scented product, the whole car will smell nice as a result of your elbow grease.

Check back soon for more tips from me, the Cleaning Lady. And remember, a clean home is a happy home 🙂

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