What busy moms eat for breakfast

What DO busy moms eat for breakfast? Do they eat at all? One morning this week I was wondering just that as I had my standard weekday morning breakfast of a banana and a kashi bar – in the car – while driving the kids to school (so boring – I need to expand my horizons). Does anyone getting their kids ready for school actually sit down to eat breakfast? Are there other on the go options out there for breakfast on a school day? Of course I think the ideal solution would be to get up earlier to leave enough time to sit down to a relaxed meal but….I don’t think I can swing that…I’d rather sleep the extra 15 minutes at this juncture.

Anyway, I was curious as to what my mom friends ate for breakfast and conducted a very scientific poll (ha) – here are the results. This is a cross section of moms who work out of the house, in the house, and stay at home moms – all moms of young kids though. I was impressed that of the 26 responses, only 3 did NOT eat breakfast – coffee does not count 🙂 – that day (I definitely thought there would be more). I was also impressed with some of the meals – put mine to shame! What did not surprise me is that all but 3 were standing up, in the car or at work.

I asked two questions: what did you have for breakfast today and where did you eat it. Here are the responses – some made me laugh:

1. Handful of peanuts and coffee/standing up while packing the boys lunches.

2. bagel w/ cream cheese, restaurant

3. I had my children’s left over toast and waffles.  I believe I was standing up.

4. Whole wheat French toast (wheat bread soaked in eggs, 2T pumpkin puree for beta carotene, flaxseed for omega 3 and cinnamon) made it the night before school.  I ate standing up…I guess I should sit?

5. Had a banana and hot tea in the car ride to school drop off.  Was so hungry by 10:15am had to have left over pizza sitting down in my kitchen while I caught up on some mail.

6. cup of coffee in car and peanut butter crackers at school at my desk

7. I eat oatmeal and yogurt almost everyday, unfortunately usually standing while my kids eat.  Once in a while, I do get to sit!!!

8. coffee & a banana/in the car on the way to the Doctor

9. An apple in the car.

10. banana  & water   :o(  usually try to do better!/in the car

11. I had oatmeal and egg whites standing up in the kitchen

12. Cereal and coffee, standing up.

13. Cereal with banana, blueberries, and skim milk/Standing up

14. I ate yogurt, actually sitting at my breakfast table 🙂

15. I had the part of my son’s waffle he didn’t eat plus three cups of coffee, all while standing, no running through the house

16. Yogurt and raspberries/Breakfast is my favorite meal and the only meal we do every day (with few exceptions) of the week as a family.

17. If it actually counts as breakfast, I had a cookie at 12:30 (first food of the day), eaten at a meeting at my kids school.

18. Coffee………… In car and at home- Still no lunch prob more coffee 

19. does coffee count?  I had that as I was running around the house. 

20. i had lowfat peanut butter on a piece of whole wheat bread and a large glass of orange juice…i ate it standing up in the kitchen. 

21. I am ashamed to admit…it was one handful of dry cherrios eaten on the way to the basement to change the laundry and then a few more while giving some to the baby.

22. A bowl of honey nut cheerios standing up in my kitchen while feeding the little guys breakfast.

23. spelt toast with pnb.  Coffee and water/standing up

24. Some strawberries, 1/2 cinammon toast – standing up while making lunches after dropping kids got coffee out at cafe and sat down. Ate some croissant with my 2 year old. 

25. Kids insisted on making waffles, but I didn’t have time to eat mine until I got to work + re-heated it!

26. Bowl of bran cereal with skim milk. I ate standing up while I was getting my daughters ready for school.

I think moms need to band together and start a “sit down to breakfast” movement. What do you eat for breakfast and any suggestions on what I can eat in my car on the way to school drop off?

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