Help – should I throw out all my plastic??

Most of you probably heard about the new study on plastic containers with the number 7 on the bottom and the dangers they can present – namely such items may contain the chemical BPA which can do various bad things. BPA has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, early onset of puberty in kids, etc. The kicker? Baby bottles, sports bottles and the lining of some baby formula cans sometimes contain this chemical.

Help! I have to admit I try to be environmentally-conscious but have not fully committed. I have stopped putting saran wrap in the microwave but I admit to – when I am in a rush – nuking leftovers in the tupperware container I stored them in the night before. This new study has finally pushed me over the edge and I will be heading out to Target this afternoon to replace all of my old tupperware (I have one small plastic bowl with a pink top that is my roommate’s from 1993 – I ended up with it when I moved out – and yes, it is still in my regular rotation. Nostalgia or laziness or cupboard positioning? Probably a little bit of all three.)

There is a great website with basic information on plastics and what’s safe – is a link to a fact sheet on the site. Here is the basic information I have gathered:

  • The Journal of the American Medical Association (AMA) came out and said there was a study that linked these health risks with plastics with the #7
  • The FDA in response said there is no science to back up that #7s are unsafe – there is basically a debate with no concrete recommendation
  • #3, 6 and 7 have all been deemed as possibly being unsafe
  • #1, 2 and 4 do not have BPA
  • Use glass when you can and if not glass, BPA-free (some plastic baby bottles are now labeled as such – Sigg bottles are good alternatives to plastic sport bottles)
  • Don’t microwave plastic
  • Throw out old plastic containers

The bottom line is use your best judgement and don’t panic – I feel like sooner or later, there will be a study showing everything is bad for us. See you at Target:-).

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