Fall Clean Up Tips

Fall is officially here which means there are only a few weekends left to clean up your yard in preparation for winter. (Of course, if you live in warmer climates, you can sit back  and relax in your yard all year round.) It only takes a few hours to preserve your outdoor living space for next summer:

Outdoor furniture: This is a good time to clean off all of your outdoor furniture (plastic, metal or wood pieces can be hosed off, fabric cushions can be wiped down with a cloth or paper towel). Either stack and store in your garage or basement or cover securely if it must remain outside. (Tip: if you keep your furniture covered outside, throw a few mothballs under the tarp to keep critters away). Moving indoors is best to preserve it longer.

Pots: Empty all plants, flowers and dirt and hose out your pots. If they are really grimy, clean them with a 50/50 water and vinegar solution and rinse with water. Let dry, stack and store. If you have really big containers that you can’t move, you can skim off the top layer of soil only, cover and save for next year. Be sure the plants that were in the container weren’t diseased, however.

Hoses:  Detach, coil and store all hoses to prevent freezing (there is often a little water left in the hose that is hard to get rid of).

Beds: Do a final weeding of your plant beds and mulch. This will give you a head start on weeding next spring and feed your soil over the winter.

Deck or patio: Sweep out your deck or patio and hose off for a final cleaning. For decks, remove any twigs or sticks that may be stuck between the planks.

Pick a beautiful fall day and get the kids to pitch in for a family fall cleanup day. You all will probably enjoy it and many hands make the work light, as they say:-).

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