Getting the inside of your house ready for winter

Now that the weather is changing and fall is here, the focus of your home transfers from outside to inside. That’s why fall is a good time to both clean up your from summer and prepare for cooler temperatures.

Here are a few ways you can prepare the inside of your home for winter:

Get your rugs professionally cleaned. During the summer and fall, a lot of mud can be tracked inside, especially if you have pets. Wait until the ground has firmed up and the “mud season” is over and invest in a professional rug cleaning. If you do this once or twice each year you will definitely extend the life of your rugs. Wash throw rugs in the washing machine.

Clean ceiling fan blades with a soft cloth and reverse the direction so the warm air will blow down in the winter.

Clean blinds with a soft cloth, wash window treatments or have dry cleaned.

Clean out the cobwebs from the ceilings with a soft cloth, vacuum with a hose attachment or Swiffer.

Clean all bedding, including pillows. Down pillows can be put in the dryer on the gentle cool cycle to fluff up. Store any summer bedding – cleaned – but be sure to use non-plastic if using soft storage containers.

Go through your closets. Prevent your coat closet from overflowing with out-of- season coats and boots and take 20 minutes to go through it and take out out-of-season items. If you clean what needs to be cleaned and store in plastic boxes or hanging plastic bags now, you will extend the life of your family’s outerwear and make it easier to find the items you need now. Likewise, go through your and your children’s clothes and purge any unwearables, give away any that you can’t use anymore, and store everything else. Wash all clothing items before storing, donating or passing on.

Remove your screens and put up your storm windows. If you have an old house where the screens must completely come off, take this time to correctly label which window with which each screen goes with masking table if you haven’t done so in the past. Wash windows and screens with glass cleaner or make your own with one cup water mixed with one cup vinegar in a spray bottle.

Go through the garage and toss anything that’s broken or incomplete like kids’ sand toys that are broken or outdoor toys that are missing parts. Organize items that are to be kept in labeled bins.

Have your furnace and any fireplaces inspected now, before cold weather hits and you realize there is a problem. It is recommended you do this once a year, and fall is the perfect time.

 Happy fall!

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