Alcohol cooking substitutions

Dear Cooks:

I don’t drink or even EVER buy alcohol. So could you give an alternative to use in recipes so I can use it instead of wine, beer, etc. Thanks.


Dear Sylvia:

Wine, beer or other liquors are used in recipes to impart flavor – in most recipes the alcohol content is cooked out of the dish and you are left with the flavor only. If you absolutely do not want alcohol in your dish, here are some suggested substitutions (note: if it’s a very small amount of alcohol called for (1/4 cup or under) you can simply omit if you would like):

Beer: Chicken or vegetable broth or stock or apple cider. For a hearty beer (ie, stout) substitution, you could use beef broth or stock. Non-alcoholic beer is also an option.

Red Wine: Chicken, vegetable or beef broth or stock, water, or diluted red wine vinegar (half water, half vinegar), concord grape juice or cranberry juice

White Wine: Chicken, vegetable or beef broth or stock, water, diluted white wine vinegar (half water, half vinegar), white grape juice or apple juice

Sweet Vermouth: Apple or concord grape juice or balsalmic vinegar

Dry Vermouth: White grape juice or white wine vinegar

Cognac: Apricot, pear or peach juice

Marsala: White grape juice

Grand Marinier: Unsweetened orange juice concentrate

Note: Use same amount of subsitution liquid as alcohol is called for in recipe.

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