Dinner this week – separates work best for picky eaters

I was somewhat discouraged after last week’s dinners – many of which were not hits with my kids, to say the least. I had a hard time with my picky eaters eating dishes that had a lot of different components mixed together. There were a lot of “I don’t like the peas” mumblings. Too bad for them, yes, and I prohibit those comments from the table. But I adjusted my game plan this week. My strategy this week was to make dinners with a protein and 2 sides so they could mix and match, if you will. I also gave myself a break and let them have a kids meal on one of the three soccer nights.

Sunday: Grilled boneless pork chops  (you have to try Racheal’s delicious marinade), pototatoes anna, salad

Kids loved the pork chops, I called the potatoes a french fry cake – kids loved it – and no kid salad takers – I gave them some raw carrots. 

Monday: Pan fried tilapia (I dipped it in milk and rolled in some flour, cornmeal and parmesan cheese and cooked in a little oil), spinach souffle and and green beans blanched and dressed with olive oil and salt and pepper

Fish and green beans a hit – got them to try the souffle (called them green eggs) but not loved.

Tuesday: Soccer night – breakfast for dinner for kids. Leftovers for my husband and me.

Wednesday: Stir fry with chicken and snow peas over rice.

Can’t go wrong with chicken and rice – snow peas? Not so much. I’ll keep trying.

Thursday: Turkey burgers with pasta and broccoli on the side.

No-brainer meal – all components enjoyed by all.

See you next week!

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