Spooktacular Halloween Ideas

Halloween is severed hands down, my favorite holiday . I love the fun of it. The fact that for one day a year you can really be anything you ever wanted to be.

But, only a few of us really end up making Halloween decorating a priority. I suppose that there are some of us that embark on spinning fake cobwebs on everything but the rest of us don’t put as much time into decorating as maybe we’d want to, or we should.

And look, I am not one of those people that thinks that decorating can change how you raise your kids, how you relate to your girlfriends or even what your friends think of you. But instead there is something that happens inside of you when you take the time to make your space beautiful and reflect the changing holidays and the changing seasons. Especially if you do this together with friends and family. I can only describe that feeling as a warm and fuzzy one.

That feeling, I guarantee you, is totally worth it. And here are a few no muss – no fuss projects for a killer Halloween.

Gholishly Glowing Highlighter Potions

These are so fun and super easy to make. Basically buy a couple of packs of flourescent highlighters. If you’ve got some old dry ones those will work fine too!

Supplies You’ll Need:

– Flourescent Highlighters (used or new)

– Old glass containers

– Creepy additions like, Vienna sausages, and plastic bugs

– Labels

– Open up the highlighter and soak the wicks in warm water until all of the glowing ink seeps out. (Try not to mix your colors put each wick in it’s own container)

– Let them sit until all of the color has left the wick

– Then put the flourescent liquid into some glass vases, creepy old science looking ones are perfect

– Float critter and other things that look pretty gross like capers, Vienna sausages, plastic bugs and rodents…

– Then light a black light behind and watch the liquid creepily glow

Gauze Mummy Hand

This severed mummy hand is perfect for putting in shelving, stashing it in drawers and just for freaking people (or cats) out.

Supplies You’ll Need:

– Gauze

– Liquid Starch

– Latex glove

– Newspaper

– Plastic Souvenir cup

– Use the Newspaper to fill in the hand of a latex glove. Make sure that you fill in all of the fingers . In order to get all the way into the fingers make little rolls with the newspaper and jam them into each finger of the glove.

– Stretch the opening of the glove over a plastic cup so that stuffed glove is standing straight up on it

– Unroll your gauze and dip it in the starch squeezing the excess starch off as you dip

– Wrap the gauze around your stuffed glove starting with the fingers down to the wrist

– Allow your mummy hand to dry and then cut off the excess glove

**I used these templates you can download to create really cute (AND EASY!) additions to your Halloween **

Bat-tastic Candy Holders

Supplies You’ll Need:

– Stencil Pattern from

– Black construction paper

– Thin black ribbon

– Stick on red eyes

– White puff paint

Creepy Eyed Candy Bar Cover Ups

Stencil Pattern from

– Colored paper

– Candy bar (I used a Hershey bar)

– Craft knife

– Stencil pattern

– Graphite paper

– Double-stick tape

– Scissors

Check back next week for a super easy and super creative batch of costume ideas!

Happy Haunting!!

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