Let’s play! Dog toy favorites

What dogs don’t love toys? We all know a tired dog is a happy dog. Here are some of our tried and true favorites:

The Chuk-It

A favorite of bigger dogs who love to run, the Chuk-It allows you to haul a tennis ball far distances with little effort. I don’t know where I would be without mine – a good alternative to the tennis racquet ball launch method my family used with our dog growing up. Plus, you don’t have to touch the drooly tennis ball (not that pet lovers really mind…). It’s such a simple design, it makes my husband and me wish we had invented it ourselves!


Kongs are classic  – made of strong rubber and virtually indestructible. Their size and shape make them perfect for playing fetch or putting a treat inside to keep your pooch busy for hours. I have to admit they aren’t my favorites but I know some dogs who love them. My dog is always more apt to play with it with the hidden treat addition.

I love this new toy – the”Chewapalooza” – a good substitute for the rope toys that my yellow lab usually pulls apart in one 24-hour period flat. Perfect for tug of war or solo chewing – this is a good addition to your dog’s toy chest – for the name alone!

 My dog loves this “Orbee Ball” – great for chewing and very durable. I love the minty scent – a good contrast to the doggy slobber I know and love. He did rip off the rope  eventually and then was content with the ball alone.

I typically stay away from the plush dog toys – my dog destroys them in no time and becomes obsessed with ripping the stuffing out – and makes me paranoid that he is going to choke. I also have always steered clear of raw hide and real bones for choking reasons – although I know a lot of dog owners who do not shy away from them.

 What are your dog’s favorite toys?

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