Halloween challenge – can just one item make a costume?

I have to be honest – I am not a huge fan of Halloween. Actually, it’s not that I don’t like the holiday – I love kids dressing up, I love candy, I love parties, I love the excitement of kids trick or treating and the sense of community as everyone is out sharing the evening. The only part I don’t like is when I have to dress up. I am not one to go out and rent or (gasp) buy a costume. I am always sure that I am going to think of something so timely, so original, so witty – that I can put together with items in my house – that I end up throwing a sorry costume together 30 minutes before we have to go out the door. Complete failure.

We have some friends who have a wonderful adults-only costume party each Halloween. They go all out – there are spooky decorations, themed drinks, a costume contest….the works. My husband and I are the losers of the party (he doesn’t like dressing up either – go figure) as we arrive each year in some clever costumes that only the two of us even get. One year my husband wore a long wig and sunglasses – he was supposed to be Howard Stern – people thought he was an over-the-hill hippy. Another year I wore a sparkly suit, carried a microphone and wore a long purple wig (the costume store was out of black wigs at 5pm on Halloween) in an attempt to be Cher. No one got it.

So this year I am thinking of changing strategies. What if I pick just one item and forget about the timely, clever costumes? How many Sarah Palins can one holiday hold? Here are my ideas:

funny mustache

clown nose

wig (that looks completely out of character – ie shiny pink bob)

full mask – scary or of a famous person (my father had a full head Prince Charles mask for many years that served as his costume – always successful)

teeth – scary, green, fangs, or just funny

fake knife or arrow head band (that makes it look like it’s going through your head)

devil ears


Do you have any ideas on what I should wear for my one-item Halloween costume?

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