Keeping your pet safe on Halloween

Halloween is fun for everyone in the family – but can be a nightmare for some pets. The doorbell ringing all night, lots of strangers coming to your door, potentially toxic treats that may be in reach of your pet. Here are some tips on keeping your pet safe this Halloween:

-Keep your pet in a safe place where he can be calm during all the activity of trick or treaters coming to your door. Some pets love to come to the door to greet the trick or treaters – others get anxious and bark or try to dart out the door. If you have a darter or barker, think ahead and put your pet in a safe place – his kennel, a bedroom, etc. – before the chaos begins.

-Make sure your pet’s tags are current and securely attached in the unfortunate event he slips out the door on this busy night.

-Keep candy out of your pet’s reach – both the candy for trick or treaters and your kids’ loot bags. If your dog does get into the chocolate – don’t panic. Call your vet and tell him the situation. It takes a lot of chocolate to hurt a pet and toxicity signs show within 12 hours.

-If you dress up your pet, make sure there isn’t anything around his neck or constricting any other area.

-If you take your dog out trick or treating with the kids (for calm dogs only!), be sure to keep him on a leash. Even if he is an off-leash trained dog, it’s the kids you have to worry about, so use a leash for this night only.

A safe Halloween is a happy Halloween for everyone – have fun!  

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