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It’s one thing to see whose on the run way but lets be honest we care more about what celebrities are in the front row. This season was no exception with a slew of A-lister’s. So, lets critique who was looking their finest.

Jennifer Lopez while she’s not one to take a serious hair risk she always looks her glamorous self. Beside her, gal pal Victoria Beckham, love her or not the girl definitely takes risks! She’s not afraid to make a change and she’s setting the tone for what’s hot in hair fashion. I love it!

Diane Kruger (left) this is the way to wear your hair! Up, simple, sophisticated and sexy!

Hillary Swank (middle) this is the best haircut I’ve seen on her, it’s striking and really suits her face shape. If only she had this hairstyle earlier she might have had a few extra Oscars on her mantle.

Mena Suvari, this was the most modern look of all. It isn’t for everyone but wow did she pull it off well!

Nicole Richie looks like she just stepped out of the Rebecca Taylor show. Okay she’s a little to short to be on the runway but with that face and hairstyle she could have easily substituted one of the models in that show. Very cool.

Finally, Fashion Week wouldn’t be complete with out a cameo by Anna Wintour. She is looking her consistently polished fabulous self.

I’m off to Europe to recover see you in a week!

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