Last Minute Costume Ideas for Adults!

Like clockwork, every year the phone rings on Halloween to let me know that friends are going out to a party or to the big Halloween parade and I don’t have a single costume prepared, let alone an idea for one.

Well, this year I have done my homework and I have assembled a bunch of last minute costume ideas and some super last minute ones, (seriously less than 5 minutes to put together) so that this Halloween none of us will be left out in the cold.

Happy Halloween!!

Last Minute Costumes

Substitute Teacher:

Don your most conservative outfit, like a teacher (put your hair up in a bun, skirt and sweater, glasses on a chain around your neck). Then, stick a paper airplane in the back of your hair, put a note that says “Kick Me” on your back, cover your hands and face with chalk, and put chalk eraser prints on your clothes. Maybe even attach staples and paperclips to your clothes, with broken pencils sticking out here and there.


Spray paint a large life preserver style inner tube with a flat, brown spray paint that is specifically formulated for plastic. Then his just the top of the inner tube with a rich chocolatey glossy brown. While the paint is still wet, cut up some colorful straws and sprinkle them all over. Then attach ribbon to the back with hot glue and strap it on. Finish it off with a bakers cap and a box of donuts.


Buy or make a beekeeper’s hat, complete with netting all around it. Wear khaki clothing. Glue fake bumble bees all over hat and clothing. Carry around a fake beehive, which works well as a candy collector!


Puff up your hair and spray or powder it white (or wear a wig). Wrap your body in blue plastic wrap. Put cotton over your shoes.

Wicked Witch of the East:

Design a large box to look like a house. Place it over yourself, cut holes so you can see out, and so that your legs show. Wear striped stockings and red glittery shoes. (Or wear black sweats and hang striped stockings with red baby shoes attached to look like the legs dangling underneath the house.)

Lead Role from the Movie “The Birds”:

Wear an old green dress or skirt and jacket, and attach fake birds (available from a craft store) pecking you all over. Tease your hair and add scratches and blood dripping from wherever birds are pecking you.

UPS Guy:

Find a brown polo shirt and shorts. Grab a package and attach some stuffed dogs to your arms and legs with elastic bands. Speedy Delivery!

Killer Bee:

Spray paint black horizontal stripes across a yellow t-shirt. Add fake antennas (Styrofoam balls on wire secured to a plastic head band). Wear with camouflage pants, combat boots, ammo bandoliers, and a couple of fake pistols stuck in your belt.

Wheaties Box:

Find a cardboard box that has a similar shape to a cereal box, but is big enough to fit around the top of your body. Wear a sporty outfit and be your own athlete on the box of wheaties

Head in the Clouds:

Stick cotton balls all over your hat or visor.

Dryer Lint:

Wear a sweatsuit inside out. Attach fabric softener sheets all over yourself.


Attach open bags of snacks to you (chips, pretzels, cheese puffs, nuts, etc.). Your friends will love it! They will be snacking on you all night long.

MySpace Page

Use a large piece of posterboard and create a MySpace page, with pictures, comments, etc. Cut a hole for your face. Carry around a small music player with all your favorite hits.

Zombie Hippie:

Wear hippie clothes (bell bottoms, tie dyed shirt, peace symbol necklace, etc.). Paint your face to make yourself look dead. Carry a sign that says “Stop World Hunger” or “No More War.”

Death on Vacation:

Wear a grim reaper costume (hooded cape, black cape, white make-up with black around the eyes). Then over this, wear a loud flowered shirt, goofy hat, Hawaiian lei, camera around your neck, etc.

Formal Apology:

Wear a tux or a nice suit, and a name tag that says “I’m Sorry.”

Spirit Rising Out of the Grave:

Dress in white and attach long strips of gauze fabric to your clothes. Cover your hair with the same fabric. Make a sandwich board that looks like a tombstone. Paint your face white for an eerie look.


Wear a green danskin and tights (or dye them green) and buy packets of ping-pong balls. Place ping-pong balls under danskin and tights – paint face green and spray hair green as well.

**Super Duper Last Minute Costumes**

Leaf Blower:

Wear a baseball cap with a leaf dangling in front of your face. When someone asks what you are, blow on the leaf.


Strap a baby doll to your behind and sit on it.

Dry Cleaning:

Head to your closet for a freshly dry cleaned shirt, find one of those clear dry cleaning bags, put on the freshly cleaned shirt and cut arm and head holes in the plastic bag. For an added touch bend a dry cleaning hanger and put it on your head like a hat. You can even staple a dry cleaning receipt to your shirt.

Quarter Pounder:

Carry a quarter and a hammer. If someone asks what your costume is, put the quarter down and pound it with the hammer.

Nudist on Strike:

Dress in your regular clothes and carry a sign that says “Nudist on Strike”

Aircraft Carrier:

Find a small toy airpland and carry it around with you. when people ask you what you are, hold out your aircraft.

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