A fine tea party

The table is set with mini cupcakes and little tea toast points.

This year my daughter turned six and we wanted to have a very special birthday party at our home. So we decided to invite 8 girls over after school for a tea party. We asked the girls to wear dresses and we handed them white gloves when they entered.

Before anyone arrived, we baked mini lemon-vanilla cupcakes and butter-cream frosting that we colored green, the choice of the b-day girl. My daughter and I proceeded to decorate the mini cupcakes with all different kinds of sprinkles and colored sugars and we placed them on two big cake dishes so they looked colorful and sweet. We then took little toast point crackers that we had bought at the store and spread one tray of them with cream cheese and jam and the other tray with peanut butter and jelly. We sliced up apples and gave them a squeeze of lemon juice and a couple of shakes of cinnamon sugar and set those out too. We knew the girls would be hungry since they were just getting out of school and it was 3:30.

apple slices with lemon and cinnamon sugar

We decided to make the party into a combo party and manners lesson, but that was really just part of the fun-we weren’t really trying to teach a lesson. But the girls loved it because it made the whole thing seem so official. We gave each girl a paper animal face plate and cup and let them have the tea sandwiches and juice or milk snack first, but then we gave them each real tea cups and saucers, real spoons and served them chamomile and other herbal teas using various tea pots. We found these little doggie shaped creamers that we spread out on the table, along with sugar bowls and honey pots. We told the girls to use a bit of what they want then to pass it on. Then we sang happy b-day and handed out the mini cupcakes. The kids had a ball!

Of course, being the LML that I am, that was all I had planned and after about 25 minutes, that activity was over and I had nothing else planned. So my husband and I snapped into action and for the next 1/2 hour, I told jokes and “what do you get…” riddles from an old book I have had since my childhood. While we were doing that, my husband set up a table and then he took over and did a few magic tricks. Good thing they are at the age where things like this are still cool. We then all got into a circle and told ghost stories. As a final activity, we played a very simplified version of charades.

In the end, it was a great party and the clean up wasn’t too bad. The party was very inexpensive and doing it during the week meant our weekends remained free. I think this party worked out well for all.

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