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One week to go and Halloween is here. One fun costume plan is to dress up with a group – your family or a group of friends can coordinate. One year my friends and I went as the castaways from Gilligan’s Island – we were all girls so the funniest part were the friends who went as the Skipper and Gilligan. It’s also fun for kids to dress up together – sometimes it makes it easier for the more reluctant kids (or adults!) to join in the fun.

Here are some fun (and easy) group costume ideas – most would be great for adults or kids:


Everyone dresses in different colors, with matching cone shaped hats made out of construction paper. Add “Crayon” logos. Walk together.

Four Seasons

Fall wears earth-tone colors with leaves attached to clothes, winter wears white with cottonballs attached to clothes for snowballs, spring wears pastel clothing with flowers attached, and summer wears all yellow, sunglasses, and carries a beach pail full of sand and a shovel.


Wear all black and pin circles of white paper to yourselves in a domino pattern. When you arrive at a house, one person leans in, and you all fall over.

News Crew

Reporter, cameraman, soundman, lightman, producer, etc. Go around interviewing people! (So, how did you hear about this party? What is your trick or treating plan?)

Pajama Party

Everyone wears pajamas and slippers, with their hair in braids, pigtails or curlers. Carry pillows and a stuffed animal.

Your Conscience

One person dresses as a devil, another as an angel, and the third person dresses normally and stands in the middle.

Scooby Doo Gang

Fred (blue pants, white short-sleeve shirt, orange scarf, yellow hair), Daphne (purple mini-dress and boots, green scarf, red hair), Velma (red skirt, orange sweater and socks, short brown hair with bangs, glasses), Shaggy (brown pants, green v-neck short-sleeve shirt, goatee, carry a big sandwich), and Scooby (dark-brown sweatsuit, brown nose, felt ears on a headband, brown gloves).

Wedding Party

Groom, bride, bridesmaids, ring bearer, flower girl, mother-of-the-bride, minister, photographer, etc.

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