My favorite Halloween costume from growing up…

I was watching the news this morning and there was a story about the presidential candidates and their favorite Halloween costumes from childhood. Here are two men, duking it out in an increasingly ugly campaign. Guess what? They had the same answer-hooray! – Halloween and reminiscing provides some common ground. They both said a pirate costume was their favorite costume from childhood.

I started thinking about my favorite Halloween costume I wore when I was little. I remember being an old lady, a hippie (it was the 70’s), and the nun from the Blue Nun wine bottle (my parents clearly came up with that one). But my favorite costume was when I was Tony the Tiger, when I was 4 or 5 years old. This was pre-party store years. My dad, who is somewhat artistic, took a thin piece of cardboard and, copying Tony from the Frosted Flakes box, drew a mask, cut it out, cut out eyes (and hopefully nose and moth – I don’t remember but I am still here so it must have been ok – again, it was the 70’s), and stapled a long rubber band to attach to my head. I wore an orange shirt and black pants and had black electrical tape on my top to make the tiger stripes. I would love to see that mask today.

What is your Halloween costume from childhood?

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