What should college kids eat???

Dear Rachael Ray,

I’m a sophomore at the University of Central Florida and I along with most of my peers have been thrown into this new strange world of cooking. We all have our own kitchen now and no clue how to use it.Last year in the dorms we ran on PB&J, Easy Mac, Ramen noodles, frozen dinners, and ordering pizza & Chinese food. With a very limited budget and only the basic cooking tools we need help with the cooking basics! What should I fill my pantry with?I try and watch the Food Network for any cheap, simple cooking tips but those can often be hard to find.

Can you help us college kids out?


Nick Higgins

Hi Nick,

Cooking in the dorms is not easy but you would be amazed at what you could put together on a limited budget and without much cooking involved.   Here are some college inspired recipes we wrote about a few months ago.

Additionally, if you have no way of cooking or baking anything, you can try things like hummus dip  and if you do not have a food processor, you could use a blender.  Do they have those in college? 🙂

-The Cooks

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