Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Halloween is tomorrow night. My kids have been counting down for weeks and are literally jumping out of their skin they are so excited for Halloween. So excited kids, cumbersome costumes, masses of children running crazily up and down sidewalks ringing doorbells in the dark can make for mad chaos. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure everyone stays safe during trick or treating:

Stay together. Establish this with your kids before you head out –  kids will want to rush ahead and dash from house to house. In my neighborhood, there are lots of big groups of kids – in the dark it would be easy for one of my group to get absorbed into another. So make sure you have everyone go together and wait until all the kids are set before heading off to the next house. If your kids don’t want you to go ring the door with them, stay on the sidewalk where you can keep on eye on everyone. It’s a good idea to have at least one parent for every 3 or 4 kids.

Costume check. Make sure your kid’s costume isn’t so long that they will trip and fall while climbing stairs or running around during trick or treating. I have tied up my daughter’s princess costume pre-trick or treating in past years just to be safe. Also make sure your kids wear comfortable shoes, regardless if they go with the costume or not.

Light the way. You or your kids carrying a flashlight is a good way to keep track of them. I have some of those neon glow-in-the-dark necklaces left over from the fourth of July that I am going to throw on my kids this year.

Loot review. As soon as you get home, go through your kids’ candy before they dive in. Toss anything that is unwrapped, partially open, homemade or looks suspicious at all.  

 Happy Halloween!

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