The Thanksgiving Table

Make this Thanksgiving special by decorating your home with warm and inviting scents and decorations.

These small touches will give your family memories that will last a lifetime. If you don’t know where to start, get some ideas from Rachael Ray’s friends and bloggers, including Evette RiosandKelley Moore, both experts in the entertaining and home decorating world.

Kelley’s latest blog posts:

The Kids’ Table

Over the years, I have been intrigued by the kids table at Thanksgiving and at holiday events. I have always wondered why the adults had such a well-decorated table and the kids seemed like such an after thought. Kids are often relegated to the folding card table, the breakfast nook, or the kitchen table while waiting to have their plates filled. This year, surprise the kids and give them a table to make them feel included and special….Read the full post…

Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

With Halloween behind us, the clock is set back an hour, the calendar turns to November, and my mind is filled with new images. For me it brings images of leaves falling to the ground, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and designing the Thanksgiving table. Yes, even when I was a kid I participated in designing the table. On Thanksgiving, the table truly is the centerpiece of the celebration. That’s why it is important to incorporate elements in to the design that will be sure to start conversation and encourage people to share memories…

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Evette’s latest blog posts:

Fall for These Thanksgiving Tabletop Crafts

Creating harvest-ready looks can be super easy. All you need is a little time and some basics to create beautiful and classic decor around the house. I really get in to using raw material in the fall. There are so many great things to decorate with – acorns and pine cones, gourds and berries, grasses and leaves. It’s great because it’s all free and harvesting them forces you to get outside with your friends and family and spend some quality time together, which we should all get used to!

Here are some of my favorite projects for a picture-perfect tabletop!

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A Puerto Rican Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving can be a daunting holiday to plan and organize, especially if you are on the hosting side of things. Seemingly endless food to prepare, family and friends to invite, and before they all arrive and start stuffing their faces, you’ve got some decorating to do… More than any other holiday, Thanksgiving puts the focus on the entertaining. Christmas is much more private holiday, waking up leisurely, putting on a pot of coffee and opening presents. In my family, Thanksgiving is almost bigger than Christmas. We usually get together at one of my Aunt’s houses, but last year,…Read the Full Post

And, don’t forget to get the kids in on the action with these great decorating ideas from our very own Plan B Mom.

Plan B Mom’s latest blog post:

Getting the Kids Involved with Thanksgiving

Table decorations: My kids love to make place cards when we are hosting a holiday meal – no matter how many people are coming – 3 or 25 – place cards make the table festive. I usually just use construction paper, cut out a bunch of uniform rectangles, fold them in half and let the kids go to town with stickers, glitter, etc. They have also traced their hands to make turkey place cards, cut them out and decorated them, written the names in the middle and laid a turkey place card flat at each place setting.

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Thanksgiving and Kids’ Manners

My kids and their manners is a constant source of frustration for my husband and me. Our kids are great – most of the time – and we are definitely consistent with our discipline and expectations when it comes to behavior. Yet it seems that the on major events of the year – like holidays, birthdays, big family get togethers – much of their typically good behavior goes out the window…Read the full post

Don’t miss the letter from Tammy S, one of our readers.  She shares some great tips with us in our Letters From You blog on how you can decorate your table with just a few items from the crafts store. 

Lastly, picking the wines to go with your feast doesn’t have to be a stressful job.  We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing great pairings for Thanksgiving, all available at afforable prices.  Here’s how you can order your wines in time for the big day.

Once you’re ready to get cooking, be sure to check out the Thanksgiving Central, the ultimate Thanksgiving guide from!

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