Parting Ways

Annoying as it is trying to find the perfect part it’s worth the effort. As it can definitely have an influence on your end result, whether it be dramatic or just plain unflattering. I generally suggest sticking with your natural part. The best way to find it is, while your hair is wet, comb it straight back and then use the palm of your hand at the back of your head and push forward. The natural part will reveal itself.

The Side Part. Definitely a softer look for the face.

Side part with the natural growth pattern:

  • Ideal where you want the front of your hair to be flatter or for creating a sweeping bang.

Parting against the natural growth pattern:

  • Cindy Crawford famous for this glamorous do!
  • Using our enemy…the cowlick to our advantage helps in creating maximum lift and volume.

The Center Part.

  • While it is definitely striking it is clearly the most severe look.
  • Hard to pull off unless you’re one of those lucky ones with a close to symmetrical face.

Zigzag Part.

  • Make this part loosely with your fingers; it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • It will add some height at the part line.
  • Also a great trick if you haven’t had time to (color) touch up those roots.

No Part.

  • Amazing for a quick dramatic change from day to evening.
  • Pulling your hair straight back will give you a more sophisticated and chic appearance.


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