Lunch is a major problem for my picky eater

So finally my four-year old started going to school for full days, twice a week. At first, I was so nervous about the little guy being in school until 3:30 that I almost didn’t want to send him, but then again, he IS supposed to start kindergarten next year, so I figured he had to take the plunge some time and some time soon. But what was really concerning me was the thought of his lunchbox and what exactly to put in it. He won’t eat a sandwich and he won’t eat mac and cheese, so what to give him, I wondered? So I started out by sending him with a bunch of items and I figured he would pick something out of the group and it would be enough to satisfy him. His big meal was to be a yogurt shake, supplemented by milk, nuts, an apple, carrots and pretzels or some similar combination. He would drink the shake, but when I would pick him up at 3:30, he was cranky and starving. Finally his teacher called me and said, “why don’t you buy a thermos and send him with a hot meal?” I hadn’t really thought about doing that because I didn’t believe the meal would stay warm, but she had a point-the shake wasn’t enough. So I invested in a wide mouthed thermos and started to send him off with his favorites that I would heat up in the morning-veggie burgers, cut up chicken hot dogs, organic chicken nuggets and spaghetti. Here’s what it looks like:

I found it at  These foods are the ones he would normally eat at lunch time at home, so I figured I would give them a try at school. I also had him pack the lunch with me so there were no surprises and he would know what to expect come lunch time. So far, this plan is working! His food actually stays pretty warm in the thermos and he is eating the main course, which is filling him up for the afternoon. The shakes and milk were going right through him! His teacher also said, “if he’s hungry, he’ll eat.” I didn’t agree with this because my guy would rather starve himself than eat something he doesn’t like, but I find that if I stick to what he knows, he will eat it. It sounds simple enough, but you picky eater moms know how much of a struggle this could be. No experimenting with this one. What do you guys feed your kids for lunch?

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