Dry herbs to fresh herbs conversion

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What is the rule of thumb for using dried herbs vs fresh herbs when a recipe calls for one or the other but I don’t have what is called for on hand?

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The general rule is one teaspoon of dried herbs equals one tablespoon of fresh herbs. However, we don’t really follow exact measurements at If you prefer basil, for instance, you can add a bit more of it to a recipe because it is so mild and it cooks off really well. Other herbs, like tarragon or rosemary, are stronger and remain strong, even when dried.

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Ginger is an example of an root that is very strong when fresh, but is much more mild and perfumy when dried.  As a fresh ingredient, it is often used in savory cooking methods such as stir frying, but as a dried ingredient it is better as a baked good ingredient for things like gingerbread or pumpkin pie.

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