Freezing soup or broth tip

We often get asked how to freeze foods and this is one tip we can’t ignore as we live by this rule. Instead of using Tupperware or the like for freezing liquids, such as soups, broths or sauces, use plastic freezer storage bags. Make sure your liquid has cooled before you pour it into the bag, but once it has cooled completely, pour into a sturdy bag, zip shut and place in the freezer wherever you want it to go and it will freeze to that shape. So if you want to layer these bags, place them on the bottom of the freezer so it freezes flat (see above). If your freezer is full, just squeeze it in a nook and it will find room to fit snugly.

If you do make broth or stock, you may want to freeze the liquid in smaller bags so you are freezing 1-2 cups per bag. This way, whenever you need a cup or two pf stock, you can take out one of these smaller bags, rather than having to defrost a huge bag and waste valuable stock!

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