How do you eyeball it???

Hi Rachael and Friends,

I am a big fan of your shows and have been watching for quite some time now.  My question is how do you “eyeball it”?   I have been cooking since I was in high school, but really got better in college and still I can’t not grasp the concept of “eyeballing it”.  I am soooooooo afraid that I will mess it up.  How do I overcome this fear?


~Melissa Rolka~

Hi Melissa,

Generally speaking, Rachael’s basic measurements are as follows:

one heaping palmful=1 tablespoon

once around the pan=1 tablespoon

a pinch=1/4 teaspoon

But basically, that’s the whole reason Rachael doesn’t measure anything.  You should cook to your taste.  Since she is not a baker, where measurements really matter, you can really vary how you cook to your liking.  So if Rachael says, “add hot sauce to taste,” it means, it’s up to you!

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