Rachael’s Chicken and Garlic-Herb Potato Shepherd’s Pie-hello?

Okay so I not only and absolutely LOVING Rachael’s new book, (we call it BOB), but she happened to cook this recipe form the book on the show the other day, and wouldn’t you know it, I had leftover chicken, potatoes, leftover peas and corn carrots, pretty much all of the ingredients needed to make Chicken and Garlic-Herb Potato Shepherd’s Pie.

I don’t normally really like Shepherd’s pies that much unless they are really well done.  They tend to feel too heavy for my taste.  But this dish really delivered on taste and richness, but it is decidedly lighter fare than the regular version.  Plus, it made use of my leftovers, which ALWAYS makes me very happy.  It really reminded me of a Chicken Pot Pie without the crust and a potato topping in its place.


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