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We all know how much Rach loves her rescued dog Isaboo, and if you have read my blog about the Chihuahua races you know how I feel about my shelter pup Baloo (or The Loo as she’s called her for short)…

This is the letter Baloo wrote to President-Elect Obama encouraging him to adopt a shelter or rescue dog for his family upon moving into the White House. Baloo says feel free to copy it and forward it on. Here is Obama’s contact info.

Via email you can send this important message to:


Dear Barack Obama,

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say the whole world is watching as your

family chooses it’s newest member. Please, as you make your choice, don’t

forget the plight of all the homeless animals in America. Even if you

ultimately choose a puppy with a specific breed (unlike most dogs, like me),

we urge you to contact the appropriate rescue organization. Puppy mills

have become a blight on our landscape, adding unhealthy, unwanted dogs to a

population already teeming with animal lost souls. Mutty (or

“breed-challenged”) dogs like me are often healthier, available at very

little expense, and guaranteed just as lovable.

America is ready to listen to you, ready to sacrifice for our great country.

Encouraging your daughters to choose a puppy or kitten from a local shelter

would inspire Americans down to the smallest child to join in that

sacrifice. Sure, there may not be a “purebred” poodle, or Portuguese water

dog in the White House – but the sacrifice of rescuing a needy kitten or

pooch will be clearly visible to our country. And so will the joyful

rewards of that sacrifice – a loving friend like me.

All my love and support,


cc: Henwin

Mrs. Kitty

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