Fun Thanksgiving Activity – The Thankful Tree

My kids and I made a “Thankful Tree” for a table centerpiece this weekend – we made a little tree and hung paper leaves with our names on the front and something we were thankful for on the back. it is a really cute activity to do with your kids.

Here are the materials we used:

one small plant pot

a handful of marbles

a small branch from a bush in our yard


construction paper

We took the pot and put the marbles in – ours came up about half way but we could have used a few more. Then we stuck our branch in the pot and cut out a bunch of “leaves” out of different colored construction paper. Then each of us wrote our name on the front of a few leaves and something we were thankful for on the back. Then I made a hole in the top of each leaf (I used a skewer but it would have been helpful to have hole punch), pulled a short piece of string through each leaf, knotted it, and hung the leaves on the tree.

It would also be fun to put a leaf or two at each person’s place on Thanksgiving to let everyone add to the thankful tree. Yes, our tree turned out a little Charlie Brownish – but it looks really cute on our table and it’s a great way for kids to think about what they are thankful for. My four year old son actually asked what being thankful meant so a lesson was learned:-).

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