Bangs, Bangs, Bangs!

I would love a dollar for every time a client says to me, “You can do whatever you want, but don’t cut more than a quarter of an inch off.” Hmm…that’s creative freedom! So, one of the solutions I encourage are bangs. It’s a great way to reinvent your long or short hair and retain your desired length. Bangs come in all different shapes and sizes and can work on pretty much everyone, as long as they are the right bangs on the right face and head of hair.

Square Bangs

If you are looking for a bold and dramatic effect this is the way to go! But, you better have an attitude to match. Fringing the ends or rounding out the corners can soften this look.

Feathered and Full

Feathered in a way that is soft but keeping a full enough bang to frame the face. These are quite versatile whether you have a high forehead or not, and these bangs can work on any length hair.

Sweeping Bang

The safe alternative for the nervous Nelly’s who have severe boredom with their hair but are terrified to cut it. It’s soft, sexy and half of the young Hollywood glamor mafia are wearing them. So it must be a good thing!

Soft Angled Bang

This bang is best when designed to sit on the eyebrow and angled toward one side of the face. It works fantastically on shorter hair because it balances out the overall look. Softening up the bang by adding layers helps with creating movement as well as blending the bang into the hair.

Choppy Fringe

I like to call these baby bangs because it looks as though a young child cut their own hair. These bangs are choppy and edgy. It really works on short and or texturized hair. (Use a razor or texturizing sheers).

Stylist’s choice for getting those bangs nice and smooth, Cutler’s Straightening Cream.

And if none of these bangs tickle your fancy, maybe it’s time to just cut it all off!

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