Favorite Hanukkah Recipes

The eight glorious days of Hanukkah are almost here and that means eight nights of candle lighting, presents and good food!  We have a collection of traditional Hanukkah recipes and stories from Rachael Ray and our friends like you!

Café Osher is the only kosher restaurant in Wisconsin!  Here they share their traditional Potato Kugel and Brisket recipes with us.  Check them out and enjoy both of these this holiday season.

For starters, try this delicious Maple Cream Sweet Potato Soup from Rach.  Here’s Rachael Ray’s brisket recipe which gives us another twist on this classic dish plus a recipe for leftovers the next morning!

Latkes, or potato pancakes, are traditional Hanukkah food, with the oil used in cooking them to remind us of the lamp oil that burned miraculously for the eight days of Hanukkah.  Here’s Rach’s Latke recipe.

You can’t go wrong with a roast chicken, but you have to make sure to roast it correctly and not to dry it out! If you keep kosher, you can substitute EVOO for butter in the following recipes.  Some Rachael roast chicken recipes include: Tarragon Roast Chicken with Roasted Baby Red Potatoes, or Roast Chicken with Roasted Veggies and Mushroom-Apple Stuffing.

If chicken’s not your thing, try Rachael’s Weeknight Pot Roast for a simple and elegant dish.  From Rachael’s new book comes this new favorite, Broken Florentine Lasagna Bake.

On the side, Rachael’s Toasted Hazelnut and Shredded Carrot Salad  or Oven Roasted Spicy Potatoes and Glazed Carrots

Rugelach is one of the easiest dessert cookies to make and they are so scrumptuous that once you try this recipe, you’ll be making them all the time!  Popular at Passaover, but delicious any time of the year are Macaroons!  Try Rachael’s Mom’s Baked Apples here.

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