What are you getting your pet for Christmas?

Unless you have a pet, actually getting a pet something for Christmas sounds pretty ridiculous, but if you have a pet in your family, it is the most normal thing in the world! My cat is nearly 15 years old and we adopted him as a small kitten – the offspring of a country stray. The first holiday I had with him, I bought a small stocking, hung it by the tree and filled it with various cat treats, catnip, stuffed mice, etc. My family thought I was crazy. Our dear dog came five years later, and I wouldn’t consider it Christmas without his stocking hung with the rest of the family’s filled with his favorite dog bones, stuffed toys, and rope toys. I consider it a successful holiday season if I can manage to keep his antler ears on and get him to pose for a picture!

Ok pet lovers, what are you getting your pet this Christmas?

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