Sunday lunch

Sometimes I am at a total loss when it comes to the weekend lunch.  I have more time than during the week and the kids are home so in theory I want to give the kids something more inventive than the same old same old, but usually they aren’t interested.  So I have devised a new practice.  I take something that is sure to be a hit-like oven fries (not too bad for you, right) and I add something good to serve with it.  Today I am roasting up some asparagus, which my daughter really loves.  My son, the picky one, will shun them, so I also have some carrot sticks for him to nibble on-an old favorite.  Do they have to have a meat too?  I don’t think so.  Not if they are drinking milk with the meal, and having meat for dinner.  They don’t need meat at every meal.  Instead, I’ll offer some various nuts and cheeses.  I just might also add some boiled edamame, which now come in the freezer aisle, already shelled.  I just boil and salt.

So it sounds like a real hodge podge lunch, but it’s nutritious, hot and fun to try different things-something that is harder to do when they are at school during the week.

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