Holiday Tipping

The holidays are a time to show not just friends and family our appreciation and how much they mean to us, but people whose services we use all year round. Think about it…where would you be without your mail carrier, your babysitter, your hair dresser? I for one would be lost.  Here is a general guide to how much is suggested for holiday tips. I for one am cutting back on holiday spending this year, but I will make room in the budget for a small token of appreciation for those who help me all year. I plan on augmenting my small tips with a home made goodie like cookies, a coffee cake or candy.

Hair Dresser: Cost of one cut/service

House cleaner: One week’s wage

Babysitter: For a regular evening sitter, one-two night’s pay; for a full time sitter/nanny – one week’s pay.

Newspaper Deliverer: $10 – $20

Letter Carrier: A gift in value of $20 or less (per the US Postal Service). Coffee gift cards are popular. 

Personal Trainer: Cost of one session

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