Holiday Gift Guide

Well, it may be December 11th already and I am the Last Minute Lady afterall, but it really is not too late to do your holiday shopping.  Based on some requests we have been getting, I wanted to share this shopping guide with you:

For Teachers and Bosses:

I can’t recommend Rachael’s Big Orange Bookenough.  It has something for everyone, or as Rachael describes it, it’s like several little books in one.  This makes a great teacher or boss gift as it costs under $20 and is very timely since there is a whole holiday chapter in there.  It also makes a nice gift for mom, because Rachael has a chapter written in the book entirely by her, her mom, and her mother-in-law.  This chapter is filled with family favorite recipes and memories.  You could give it to your mom with a note about your family recipes.

For Kids:

Back by popular demand,  we have reintroduced a whole line of t-shirts and other items for kids with the Yum-o! logo.  For the record, these are not just for kids-we have adult sizes too and aprons as well.  Even the babies will enjoy the Yum-o! theme with bibs and onesies.  Be sure to note in your gift card that a portion of this order went to Yum-o!, Rachael’s charity.

For the kid cook, we have some kitchen tools built just for kids, like our Furi knife and glove set which will protect your child from getting cut while they perfect their knife skills.

For your wife/mom/girlfriend:

Rachael has launched a line of bedding that is very fashionable and makes a great, intimate gift for someone special in your life.  Plus, if you are at all design challenged, have no fear-Rachael takes the guesswork out of mixing and matching because these sets all work together.  You can get a comforter, sham and bedskirt set or sheets and various accent pillows.  This makes a great gift for the college student too.

For the Foodies/Kitchen-lovers

Our brand new Lazy Spoons and Ladlesare extremely popular as are the Moppines, so you could put those two together for a nice gift idea for the kitchen-lover on your list.  I would be remiss in not suggesting a Bubble and Brown set as they have literally changed my life in the kitchen.

As far as the pantry goes, the Stock-in-a-Boxand EVOO are unbeatable and very useful in the kitchen for almost anything you could possibly make.  Rachael goes through boxes of the stock in a single day.

For Dads and other guys:

Anyone would like these ideas, just as anyone would enjoy the sheet sets, not just the ladies. One of our best-selling categories is Rachael’s knives, which you can buy in sets or just one.  If you get one, try the 5 or 7-inch East/West knife. You truly will not need another knife, especially if you also get the sharpener.

Rach’s Faves

Rachael keeps the 8-quart Oval Stockpoton her stovetop at all times.  She uses this to boil pasta, to cook corn, cook a quick sauce-anything and everything and it fits well on the small stove because it is oval.  She also is crazy about the new Bubble and Browns and literally has those on the counter, hanging out with fruit or breads in them.   Last but not least, Rachael can’t get through a meal without her beloved Garbage Bowl by her side.

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