Italian Street Food in NYC

I was turned on to Porchetta when I read a short blurb about their Tuscan-trained chef, Sarah Jenkins. I then looked at the menu at saw one thing and one thing only: porchetta – on a sandwich or on a plate – that’s it. If you are only going to feature one main menu item, then it ought to be damn good. It is. There are a few sides available on the menu, such as beans, cooked greens and crispy potatoes, but the standout here is indeed the porchetta. I knew I was going to like this place.

Porchetta is a pork loin that is rubbed with rosemary, fennel pollen, salt and pepper and wrapped in pork belly. It is then cooked in a special oven to a precise temperature and held there so it does not go over that temperature. The result? Pure, tender, moist and succulent goodness. I ordered the sandwich, which is served on a perfectly proportioned ciabatta-like roll. I also ordered sautéed Brussels sprouts with lemon, thyme and honey – a special of the day – as well as the crispy potatoes with burnt ends. I’m a Brussels sprout fan, so I dug on those, but the potatoes are permanently on the menu and were as described: crisp.

While Porchetta is open late night- ‘til 1am – the place only has six stools and is the size of a small studio apartment.  So you’ll want to take it to go (they also just started delivery service) or try and grab a stool. Their current delivery radius is only four blocks, but I’m sure for a few extra bucks they’ll come to you. Everything has a price tag though, doesn’t it?! For a sandwich like this one, it’s time to ante up.


110 East 7th Street

between First Avenue and Avenue A

New York City, NY


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