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Part of the fun of Christmas is getting a tree and decorating it.  Some people have parties where everyone brings an ornament and helps bring the tree to life.  This is a great idea if you are buying your first or second tree, for sure, but once you have been putting up trees for some time, your collection of ornaments becomes like a scrapbook.  There  is nothing like pulling out old ornaments year after year and watching as your tree awakens with memories of years past, hanging from every branch.  Some of the best ornaments are the ones made by hand, especially little hands. Here are some ideas:

The Pine Cone: In my child’s classroom, the kids all brought in a large pine cone from home, painted them red and sprinkled glitter all over them.  They then glued a pipe cleaner to the cone and we have several of those now hanging off our tree.  They are really easy to make and can be done at home with kids of all ages.

Popsicle Sticks: Another ornament they made was with popsicle sticks where they glued the ends together to make shapes such as stars and squares and then decorated those with glitters and magic markers.  These are also hanging from my tree now from a little felt string.

The DVD/CD-Rom: My son, the pre-schooler, took a blank dvd or cd-rom and glued a wallet-sized photo of himself to the center and put a magnet on the back so we could hang it on the firdge.  You could also glue a looped felt string to this and turn it into a tree ornament. 

Hollowed Out Eggs and Baked Ornaments: Recently my daughter asked me to buy white eggs (it seems we only get brown these days) so she could decorate them.  It reminded me that we used to hollow out eggs and turn them into delicate ornaments.  I was worried that I would have trouble poking holes in the eggs without cracking them,  but I found a very sharp point from a corn holder and it worked just fine. 

Annie Bond of Care 2 website has both the instructions for making hollowed out egg ornaments and baked ornaments, which are a real favorite in my home because they really do keep well. 

So have some fun in your home this season, especially if you are snowed in and looking for something to do inside.  Making ornaments by hand can be a wonderful and creative craft, but also a thoughtful and economical gift.  And every time you glance at your tree, you’ll have a memory for a lifetime.

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