Bar Stuzzichini

I have now eaten at Bar Stuzzichini three or four times, for both lunch and dinner and each time, I think it gets better.  The last time, I went with a friend at around 6pm and the place was completely packed.  We asked for a table for two and the hostess showed us a table upfront.  We didn’t really want to sit in the front because we were hoping to have a conversation and we worried that it would be too noisy.  So we declined and started to leave the restaurant.  The manager immediately came out from behind the desk and brought us to the back to a roomy and quiet table for two.  It was completely uncalled for-we didn’t complain or make a scene-and it was honestly one of the only times I have seen a manager do something like this.  Usually, they see they have a busy crowd and figure if you leave, someone else will take your place.  Not this manager.

We went on to have a delicious meal.  I had the Parmigiana di melanzane (eggplant parmesan), which I have now had twice.  It takes me back to the dish I had in Umbria, with thin layers of eggplant and mozzarella cheese.  The eggplant is very lightly breaded so the dish is not heavy.  My friend had roasted chicken and on the side we had kale, which was steamed, I believe.  It was very simply done, but so tender and not at all bitter.  Kale has become one of my favorite veggies of all time.

You can’t go here and not get the Carciofi appetizer.  They are baby deep-fried artichokes, Jewish ghetto-style, and they are delicious with just a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt.  In fact, here is the recipe. The Polpette di Vitello (small veal meatballs) also make a tasty appetizer and are so small that you won’t feel as full as you might after a normal-sized meatball.

The place is tastefully done and the walls are decorated with enlarged photographs from Salvatore Mancini’s Naples street scenes. I highly recommend this place for an after work drink, lunch, dinner, a party or a small plate snack.  Additionally, I love these recipes that they have on their website from their various festival celebrations.

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