Winter Hair

I’m in Miami for the holidays in 70-degree weather, as NY is battling the deep freeze of 30-degree weather. One of the first questions we ask every morning is what will the weather be like and what is it going to do to my hair.  The climate can have one of the biggest influences on whether we will have a good hair day. I’m always up for a challenge, but fighting Mother Nature sometimes can be just too much to deal with. With the colder weather and reduction in humidity now is the perfect time for going straight, chic and sleek.

With less moisture in the air it’s an easier process in keeping the hair smoother and flatter when blow-drying.  Beauty Tip: Remember to use a nozzle on your blow dryer and direct the air from the roots to the ends. Using a large round brush or a flat brush will help the cause.

Protection of your hair is critical so whenever using the flat iron choose a high quality tool that has ionic technology with ceramic plates. Prep the hair with Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray, as it will create a barrier of protection against the hazards of your heat styling tools, then follow up with a small amount of Cutler’s Straightening Cream. Finish off with our Fly Away Stick it will reduce the static from those cold winter hat hair days.

For all you volume addicts my suggestion is to make your layers a quarter inch shorter than you normally would to compensate for the lack of bounce you get in the colder months.

Mother Nature’s a tough one so if you can’t beat them join them and go chic and sleek for the chilly winter months.

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