Best Holiday Memory

Do you ever have one of those moments when you think you must be doing something right when it comes to raising your kids? I know that I sometimes feel these moments are few and far between, but this Christmas my six year old daughter surprised me. Unbeknownst to me, my two daughters were furiously making gifts throughout the month of December for various family members – primarily simple necklaces and bracelets consisting of beads strung on wire – and taking care of all the wrapping themselves (needless to say, I had to make a lot of tape runs to the store). A few days before Christmas, they had their gifts “wrapped up” and then turned to making gifts for each other. Again, I take no credit for this, this isn’t something my husband or I had enforced or even suggested. Maybe they saw it on iCarly:-).

In any event, on Christmas morning, my six year old daughter could barely wait to present her gifts to her older sister and her younger brother. She gave her brother her favorite book, “Ten Apples Up on Top,” and my son was thrilled – he spent much of the morning proudly reading the book and ignoring all of his gifts from Santa.

Here is what she gave her older sister:

A card with one dollar and thirty cents (from her piggy bank) taped inside. Believe me, I think she has all of two dollars and fifty cents – at most – in that piggy bank, so she took a pretty significant hit. Anyway, it was really the cutest thing in  the world.  Have your kids surpised you when you least expect it? Share your stories!

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