Popcorn-a light and easy snack for all

Popcorn is an easy snack that the whole family can enjoy (except pets).  If you make it yourself in a popping machine or on the good old stovetop(see above), you can really keep control of what gets added to the popcorn.  You can make it so many different ways, from hot and spicy to just a touch of salt and butter, depending on your tastebuds and your dietary needs.  If you are on a diet, for instance, just plain popped corn and a little salt makes a flavorful and satisfying whole grain snack.  If you want to jazz things up just a bit, try these recipes and ideas.

First of all, if you are making stovetop popcorn, you can’t find a cheaper and easier snack to make.  You grab a hard bottomed pot, add 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and cover the bottom of the pot in a single layer with kernels.  Put the pot on medium heat, covered.  Once you hear the kernels start popping, shake the pan every few minutes while the popcorn pops.  Keep covered all the while and remove from heat when you hear it stop popping.  That’s about if folks.  If you want to add melted butter and salt, melt 1-3 tablespoons butter and toss with the popcorn and a few shakes of salt or seasoned salt for the most basic snack.

Here are some other cool popcorn ideas:

Sweet Sesame Five Spice Popcorn

Zippy Italian Popcorn

Hot N Sweet Kennel Corn

Caramel Peanut Popcorn Baseballs

Chili Cheese Popcorn

Black Pepper and Parm Cheesy Popcorn

Curried Salt Popcorn

Rachael is so gaga over popcorn, that she even puts it on her soup!

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