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My oldest daughter is in third grade and a pretty avid, yet somewhat unadventurous reader; she sticks to what she knows. I love books and consider reading to be one of the great pleasures of life. I have so many favorite books from growing up and as my oldest gets older, I try to share some of these favorites with her with the hopes she will love them as I did.

Some of my favorites I read when I was her age are the Little House on the Prairie series, the Anne of Green Gables Series, The Chronicles of Narnia books. I know enough not to be pushy, which is an instant turn off for her, but when we visit the library, I often will pull out one of these books and tell her how much I think she would love them. Reaction? No dice. I even have brought some home and she still sticks to her old favorites – series about Katie Kazoo, June B. Jones, Emily Windsong, The Amazing Abby Hayes, and Ivy and Bean are just a few.

We do crossover on some books – she loves the Beverly Cleary books (Ramona and Beezus et al) and of course Judy Blume is timeless (the age appropriate ones of course!!). I have come to realize that what my daughter chooses to read may in fact be new “classics” (Junie B. Jones may be the new Beverly Cleary) – or not (Captain Underpants? I don’t think classic-status, but funny, yes). I’m just happy she chooses to read for pleasure and I am hopeful this will stay with her for life. I am looking forward to see what my four year old son chooses to read – I am not up on “boys’ books” but maybe he will be my Narnia reader.

Here you can find some of these faves:

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